lyndakraar's Journal

20 May 1959
I am a typically downtown Toronto girl who has been a professional musician since the age of 16, and who lived in downtown Toronto for most of my mature teen and young adult years. I came to the States in 1985 because I wanted to run away from home. I really miss TO and love to pine away about how great it is/was. The best thing that ever happened to me was making a family. It truly growed me up some and made me realize that there was a way to coax me out of my arrested state of development as an aging fourteen year old. As my 14-year-old daughter says to me, "Mom, I AM fourteen!" Nice. I perform music and sing with both of my girls. It's been the thrill of my life to do that and share our love of music with the world. They have also performed together without their old mum. I keep a copy of that vid on Facebook and you can see some of our stuff there. Other highlights of my life: Singing in the nearly 100 year old Jewish People's Philharmonic Chorus (in Yiddish), occasionally singing R&B with the Poetic Notion Chorus (Laura Nyro material...her brother recently sat in for a cameo appearance), I've read poetry with the late, great Irving Layton (a serious influence on Leonard Cohen), performed with Clifton Chenier's zydeco band, and I ran Mamapalooza in Toronto for two years (a musical festival for moms who rock), selling out. I've been blessed by my art, and here I am at school. working for some validation and toward feeling grounded in my art. That's the feeling that has eluded me for years. Funny little life. I won awards for my poetry and also my journalism. Oh, and I'm a rated tournament Scrabble player. My North American rating is 1275 (low because I don't get out too much to tourneys these days), and 1666 in the Worlds after a victory in Israel last summer. What else? I am terrified of algebra and the dishwasher. I love Sasha Baron Cohen, Slings and Arrows, Puppets Who Kill, Gags, Corner Gas, Coronation Street and Monty Python. Benicio del Toro and Joaquin Phoenix can play with my Wii anytime, if they can wrestle it away from Owen Wilson. I was discovered by an influential comedy club mogul and bless the day he came into my life. Hmm..I bake my own bread every week and make my own pizza. I'm quirky that way. I'm very excited that my mother's memoirs are to be published in Canada early next year. I did the original edit job, and I was so fortunate that my mother got to see me working on it, although she did not live to see me complete the project. This is a bittersweet time in my life, to be without parents, and to be raising teenagers into adulthood. Scary, but you don't want to miss anything on the ride.

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